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About us and our Story

KLEIN & PANTSULAIA (KP) backs its 17 year

experience on another firm also based on the CIS and recently expanded into
other markets such as the US & Armenia. The holding company for KP is KLEIN LAW
GROUP of Companies (KLG is a US corporation) which is headquartered in Newton,

KP is a Pioneer in the Georgian Law firm Market in that it is unique as a law firm that combines the forces of a local Georgian lawyer with a Western lawyer. This enables KP to provide Western-standard best practices to its clients including Western Compliance practices and Western-stan dard response practices at very reasonable costs.


Klein & Iskandaryan (KI) www.kleinlawgrouparmenia.com (or click on the above logo) mirrors the approach that KP has as it is the Sole Armenian firm Managed by a Western lawyer that utilizes Local Armenian lawyers.



Both the Georgia (KP) and Armenian firms (KI) have just launched 2 new non-legal Services. 

We now provide IT Busienss Consulting Services AI BUSINESS CONSULTING SERVICES in cooperation with a 100 plus team of AI software engineers, a leading AI consultant on the Georgian market, KP offers to its clients AI consultation services and Implementation.

KP consists of 2 Partners 3 Associates and 4 Of Counsel. With the Exception of Partner Daniel Klein everyone is Armenian. 


KP brings
in the decades of experience of its other 17-year CIS operation and its founder in terms of best practice law firm.

KP consists of 2 Partners 3 Associates and 4 Of
Counsel. Our local staff in Geogia are English speaking Georgian attorneys. 

KP specializes in

       Customs & Product Certification

       Real Estate Services

       Venture Capital/Private Equity & M&A

       Trademarks & Franchising

       Intellectual Property Evaluations

       Patent Licensing & Exploitation Strategy

       Patent Prosecution & Strategy

       Litigation & Arbitration

       Employment & Immigration



       Criminal Law


Daniel Klein


Daniel is an Expert on Legal and business issues relating to Western companies doing business in CIS and Europe. In addition to many years as a legal practicioner he also has many years working in business in pure business roles including senior management of various IT companies.


We advise on all relevant aspects relating to customs and taxes as concern the importation and exportation of products. We also advise on issues relating to contract manufacturing, localization of production, product certifications.

Our real estate services include:

  • Due Diligence
  • Tax
  • Audit
  • Transaction Support
  • Permits and Licenses
  • Construction tenders
  • Advice on investment memoranda for real estate acquisitions/sales
  • Financial modeling for real estate projects
  • Development of business plans and feasibility studies
  • Market research
  • Site selection and site acquisition services
  • Property value assessments
  • Real Estate dispute resolution

Our specialists have worked with practically all types of real estate projects, including hotels, shopping centers, office buildings, energy plants, factories, warehouses, research facilities, and residential complexes.

We advise on all aspects of VC investment and exit. We assist companies with:

  • Legal Due Diligences
  • Technical Due Diligences
  • Financial Audits (through our partner companies)
  • Drafting of all relevant term sheets, shareholders’ agreements, share purchase agreements, closing documents, etc.
  • Relevant filings

We assist in trademark searches, filings in Russia and other countries. We also assist companies maximize the value of their trademark portfolio and advise on licensing and litigations.

We assist operators who are negotiating Master Franchise Agreements for Russia and CIS countries. We also assist perspective franchisees.

We have worked in the past with:

  • Wendy’s
  • Nathan’s Famous hot dogs
  • Sprandi
  • Sela
  • National Football League
  • National Basketball Association
  • Australian Rules Football
  • United States Tennis Association

We can assist patent owners to evaluate patents and also conduct patent due diligences that may come up during M&A transactions or transfer of intellectual property portfolios.

Watch tradition

For over a decade, Vasiliev, Klein, Usov & Litvinov has consistently adhered to the tradition – promoting a valuable lawyer to the status of a partner, the company presents him with a pocket watch. We value this tradition and see in it a reinvention of the well-known principle of carpe diem and a symbol of the fact that from now on the partner is entrusted with the clients’ time. Obtaining all the advantages of the partnership, the lawyer takes over responsibility as well – for caring, ethical, efficient and economical management of